We hope you'll find our club management system easy to use but here's a few tips to get you started.


I'm a new runner where do I start?

If you're a new Senior athlete we recommend you get in touch before joining a session. However if you've ran before and can comfortably run a mile you'll likely be fine to join most of our sessions. If you're unsure we recommend starting with a Thursday session as these stay in one location.

New Junior and Youth athletes need to speak to us before joining. Sometimes we operate a waiting list but we'll tell you more when you get in touch.

Get in touch with us at or via our Facebook page.

For all sections we're happy to offer you a free trial. Once we've spoken with you we'll give you a discount code that can be used to purchase a trial pass. This will let you join our sessions for a set peiod at no charge. This gives you chance to check if we're for you. Once you have the code head over to You'll need to register and purchase a free trial pass using the code. You can then book onto one of our sessions. All that's left is to grab your trainers and turn up on the night. If you're joining us in the ‘Winter’ months you will need a high viz, check out if you don't have one.

We also offer dedicated beginners courses designed for non-runners at set times throughout the year - currently January - check our for more details.


I've booked a session where do I need to go?

Take a look a for details of how to find us.


What time should I arrive?

Aim to arrive 10 - 15 minutes before the listed session start time. We need to get everyone checked in and we usually do a pre-session briefing as well as any club announcements. Don't forget to cancel if you cannot make the session, see “What if I cannot make a session” below.


What if I cannot make a session?

We all know the best made plans can sometimes change. If you cannot make a session don't forget to cancel your booking so we know not to expect you. You can cancel a booking right up until the listed session start time. In terms of refunds; if you booked using a Training Pass these will not be refunded. If you paid when you booked at the per session rate this will be automatically refunded to your card. We reserve the right to review the refund policy in future as the club still incurs a card processing fee for all cancelled bookings. 


Do I have to book, can I just turn up?

We would really like everyone to book onto sessions in advance. It lets us know who to expect on the night, this helps with session planning. For the monthly timed 5k time trial it is essential to book if you want a recorded time. Booking is really easy and you can book from 14 days in advance right up until the session start time. 

However we don't turn runners away so if you do turn up the leader/coach will add you to the session manually. In this case if you don't have a current Training Pass you will be sent a payment link for the session. You cannot benefit from pass rates in this instance so will be charged the per session rate.


How do I pay for sessions?

All payments are taken online through the ClubPal platform. Card payments are securely processed using Stripe, sorry we don't accept cash.

For Senior athletes you have a few options you can either; purchase a pass or pay as you go. We offer 1 week and 13 week passes this covers one or both sessions each week. If you're a non-member or don't want to purchase a pass you can pay on booking at the rate listed against the session. Some sessions (such as Track sessions) are charged per session for all and you cannot use a pass. Our 1 week pass is equivalent to the £2 per week charge all existing members will be familiar with.

Junior/Youth athletes pay termly and this is done by purchasing the relevant pass to cover that term. We don't a offer pay as you go option however we do offer a free trial to make sure we're for you.

Beginners on our dedicated C-2-5K course pay in advance for a 10 week block by purchasing the Beginners pass for more details see

For more details and to purchase passes for all sections visit


Where do I download the app?

Unlike RunTogether (our previous booking system) there is no app for ClubPal. However there is no need to worry as the website works on all modern mobile devices. You can even add ClubPal to your phones home screen. You can find help with how to do this here.


How do I join up as a member?

Once you have registered for an account and sign in and go to Here you'll find more details and be able to select a membership package. You can join at any point throughout the year but our membership runs 1st January to 31st December regardless of when you join us. However if you join as a new member after September 30th we will give you a 50% discount code to apply to your next membership renewal.


Do you still offer the old (pre April 2023) £2 per week subs?

Yes, this is equivalent to the 'Senior - £2 Weekly' training pass which you can find here. In order to benefit from the £2 subs you must purchase the pass before booking. If you book without a pass you'll pay £2 per session (£3 non-members).

We also offer a 13 week pass which you can purchase here. The 13 week pass is much simpler and saves you money, you can even set it to auto-renew.


I make bookings for myself and/or more than one Junior/Youth athlete do I need to use separate logins?

No, as long as you have the members consent, you can link more than one member to a single account/login. This allows you to switch between member profiles without the need to sign out and back in. 

In order to do this register for an account by entering the details of the primary/first member. For new members this means using the register option to create the account. For existing members this means creating the account by using the link in one of the invitation emails you have been sent (you will receive one invite per member but you should use just one). Only register/create a single account,  do NOT register any other accounts at this stage. 

Now sign in with the primary account/login you just setup, from here select your profile image in the top right and select ‘Add Profile’. Now enter the details of the member profile you wish to add, repeat this step as needed for any additional members.  Once you have added all the additional members you can switch profiles by selecting your profile image in the top right and selecting the name of the member to which you wish to switch. 

You can only add member profiles for new members and existing members who have not already created an account/login. If you wish to add a member that already has an existing account please contact us as we will need to manually remove this account first. 


I'm still stuck!

Speak to a leader/coach on club nights or get in touch at and we'll point you in the right direction.